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Unleash the Fury

Unleash the fury! Unleash the pain! I’ve got to come out of the rain; My soul is wet from the tears, Looking over the back-stabbing from so- called peers.

Clinching my fists, I hear the cracking of my knuckles; I’m praying from my heart so I don’t decide to buckle.

Brothers and sisters, ask God to help tame that rage, So you won’t make a mistake and be backed into a cage.

Don’t think you’re so hard you’ll never have to dry your eye; Live long enough; one day something, someone, will cause you to cry.

Unleash the fury! Unleash the pain! Get it out of your system so you won’t go insane.

Unseen forces are wanting you to fall; don’t give them the pleasure. Let God save you from hell; in Him you’ll find your treasure.

Copyright 2004, Lynda J. Coleman

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Unleash The Fury
Unleash The Fury
8.5 X 11